Finding The Top Three Kenyan Beaches

Kenya Kenyan Beaches

If you only have a limited amount of time to spend in Kenya, you’ll want to make sure you visit all o the country’s best beaches. You should try to find the top three beaches in this part of Africa. Once you’ve done that, you can schedule a trip to the beach.

Figure Out What You’re Looking For

Not everyone wants the same things from beaches. If you’re an active person, you may want to visit a beach that is well-suited to activities like snorkeling and surfing. If you need to get away from it all, you’ll probably want to find a quiet beach where you can relax.

If you ask three different Kenyans to tell you what their favorite beach is, it’s possible that they will all name different spots. That’s why you need to consider what you’re looking for when you search for beaches. Try to find beaches that offer the kind of experiences you want.

Start Reading Travel Guides

If you’re willing to do a little bit of research, you’ll be able to learn a lot about Kenyan’s many beaches. Start looking at travel guides and see what they have to say about the beaches in Kenya.

A lot of travel guides will provide you with a detailed overview of the beaches in Kenyan. Read a guide and soak up as much information as you can. Once you learn more about Kenya’s beaches, you’ll be able to identify the most appealing beaches in this area.

Talk To Travel Communities

If you’re not sure which Kenyan beaches you should visit, you may want to talk to people that have visited Kenya before. Reach out to travel communities and see what they might be able to tell you about the beaches in Kenya.

If you’ve never been to Kenya, you’ll want to get advice from people that have been there before. Talk to Kenyan travelers and see what they think of the country’s beaches. They should be able to tell you which local beaches are the best places to visit.

Talk To The Staff At Your Hotel

If you’re staying at a hotel, you should talk to the staff there. Tell them that you want to spend some time at the beach. See if there are any beaches that they might be able to recommend to you.

The staff at your hotel is there to help you. If you’re trying to find the top three Kenyan beaches to visit, they should be able to point you in the right direction. Ask them to recommend some beaches, and they will tell you exactly where you should go. They’ll also be able to tell you how to get there.

Make Sure You’re Prepared

Once you decide which beaches you should visit, you’ll want to get ready for your visit. Make sure you put on sunscreen before you go to the beach, even if you don’t normally wear sunscreen at home. The sun in Kenya can be very hot, and you’ll need to make sure that you have an ample amount of protection.

In addition to sun protection, you’ll want to bring towels, snacks, and other supplies. Make sure you have everything that you need for a day at the beach. After all, once you get to the beach, you aren’t going to want to leave!

You shouldn’t visit just any beach while you’re in Kenya. You should make sure you find the best beaches that the country has to offer. If you track down some of the best beaches in this area. You’ll love the time that you spend in the Kenyan sun.

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Top 3 National Wildlife Parks And Reserves In Kenya

Kenya National Wildlife Parks And Reserves In Kenya Wildlife Parks And Reserves

When one thinks of a safari in Africa scenes of wild life in herds on vast open plains with the sun setting behind a beautiful acacia tree comes to mind. A pride of lion slowly walking in the twilight after a hunt, the sun catching their golden manes, and red-robed Maasai standing tall and still under a clear blue sky are all images that are typical of Kenya. Kenya is considered the birthplace of the safari and is still one of the best places to experience the beauty of Africa’s wildlife. Apart from the tradition open-vehicle safaris, in many wildlife parks in Kenya you can explore the wilderness by boat, on foot with guides, or even on horseback.

With over forty national parks and nature reserves in Kenya, it is difficult to pick the best as almost all have something special to offer with some of the best sightings of the big five in the world. Below are three of the top National Parks in Kenya that are not the biggest but are somewhat unique.

Masai Mara – Wildebeest migration in the Masai Mara

Masai Mara is undoubtedly the best known wildlife reserve in Kenya and is world famous for its annual Wildebeest migration. The park has an abundance of grasslands and wide open vistas that make it excellent for spotting big game like cheetah, leopard, and lion. Game viewing at Masai Mara reaches a peak with the arrival of tens of thousands of wildebeest around July for the annual migration. Wildlife enthusiasts can witness the amazing spectacle of millions of wildebeest and zebra as they move in unison to search for fresh pasture between July and October, crossing rivers and falling prey by the hundreds to predators.

The only downside is that the popularity of the park during the migration season makes it very crowded. For this reason it is highly recommended to stay at one of the private conservancies neighboring the park. The extra money you pay will be well worth it as you will be rewarded with an exclusive safari experience that includes off-road driving activities that are great for up-close game viewing, bush breakfasts in the wild, and Maasai-led safaris on foot. None of these activities are available or allowed in the National Park.

Amboseli National Park

Experience the breathtaking view of wild game like elephant and giraffe against the magnificent backdrop of the snow-capped Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa. A relatively small park, Amboseli has a wide range of landscapes covering delta-type swamps to dry savannahs. There are more than a thousand protected elephants in the park, among which are the some of the largest tuskers in Africa, as well as lion, buffalo, zebra, giraffe, and several species of antelope. The most spectacular view of all is the scene of the mountain towering over sun-bake plains which can clearly be seen even though Mount Kilimanjaro is actually situated in the neighboring country of Tanzania.

Meru National Park

The magnificent un-spoilt wilderness in the Meru National Park was home to Elsa the Lioness. Not as popular as Masai Mara, this wild and beautiful national park still has plenty of wildlife without the crowds. The reserve is particularly famous for its rhino sightings as it has an enormous fenced-off rhino sanctuary for the protection of the rhino, the most hunted animal by poachers in Africa. All the other big game animals are easily sighted, including elephant, buffalo, and the big cats. Elsa’s Kopje is a luxury, award-winning game lodge situated near the remains of the original site where Joy and George Adamson raised the lioness Elsa from the book “Born Free” that later became a famous classic film.

The quality of the wildlife reserves and game parks in Kenya are what make it one of the most popular safari destinations in Africa. Safaris in Kenya are much more affordable than equivalent safaris in neighboring African countries, but this is not the only thing that attracts thousands of visitors every year. Highly qualified and experienced Kenyan Safari Guides enable tourists to have an exclusive wildlife safari experience and Kenya’s National Wildlife Reserves and Parks offer the best opportunities to view the Big Five.

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All You Need To Know About Learning To Track Animals In Kenya

Kenya Track Animals In Kenya

Tracking wildlife can be an exciting activity, but the art of tracking can be a challenging one. There are two aspects that need to be considered for effective tracking – track and sign interpretation, and following animal trails or trailing. To be a successful tracker, it is necessary to take these aspects into account along with the elements involved in these features. This article will provide information for beginners who are learning to track animals in Kenya.

What Are The Aspects Of Tracking Animals?

As is mentioned, there are two factors to tracking in the wildlife – track interpretation and following animal trails or trailing. Track and sign interpretation refers to the tracking of signs by different animals using field guides, supplemental training, and photographs. Trailing involves following tracks to find the animal. To become a master animal trailer, it is necessary to have a high level of physical fitness with a strong mental focus on the task.

What Are The Considerations When Tracking Animals?

1. Optimize The Lighting

When you learn how to track animals in Kenya, it is important to remember that animal tracks are delicate and intricate things. The amount of detail in the track is immense and the information it can convey to the tracker is astonishing. When reviewing the patch of dirt that is the track, it is important to note that external factors can influence the investigation and this includes the shadow you will cast over the item. This is why it is vital that you are aware of your location when studying a track and position yourself correctly when approaching the track.

2. Evaluate The Direction Of The Track

Unfortunately, there is no authority to instruct the wildlife to step politely around other animal’s tracks and create neat, firm imprints in the soil. Consequentially, the tracks can become muddled and it can become difficult to identify the track you wish to investigate. In order to view the track you want to investigate, it can be useful to gather extra information from the print, such as a matching track or the behavior of the animal. To do this, it is beneficial to determine the direction of the animal when it was walking across.

3. Analyze Details Within The Track

As is mentioned, animal tracks are complex and contain a great deal of information. When learning to track animals in Kenya, it is necessary to look at all the little details within the imprint. For example, a track could be confusing as the shape and position of toes assume a certain type of animal; however, when making a size comparison it shows that the track is another type of animal track. It is vital that this analysis is done to confirm or deny assumptions.

4. Review The Full Scene For Additional Information

In the bush, a person must always be aware of their surroundings. For example, it is recommended that you check the shadows of the trees when tracking a pride of lions to avoid becoming a meal. As a beginner, it is difficult to not focus on the track completely instead of looking around; however, taking a step back to review the full scene is essential for effective analysis. You will often find that extra information can add to analysis and you can appreciate the beauty of the bush.

What Resources Are Available For Tracking?

Living in the 21st century, it is advised that you consider the other resources available for effective animal tracking. One resource that can contribute to tracking is a wildlife app known as Africa: Live App. It is unique in that it provides a live map of different safari areas and offers game sightings in these areas. When using it, you will be able to add wildlife sightings instantly and easily when on a safari.

You may be wondering how this contributes to tracking. When a sighting is found, it is easier to locate the animal track and complete the trailing of the animal. Africa: Live App interactive markers are also able to show details, descriptions, and photographs of tracks when required. One bonus is that this app is free and available on both Android and Apple smartphones.

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Enjoy One Or More Of The Best 4 Safaris From Victoria Falls To Kenya

Kenya Victoria Falls

A trip to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, while experiencing Zambia and Kenya at the same time sounds awesome, doesn’t it? It takes days to explore all of what there is to do there, so plan accordingly. You can plan safari day trips and even sunset cruises, and then there are those safari vacation packages that hand you an itinerary and keep you busy for days. What are the best four safaris from Victoria Falls to Kenya?

Some of the best safaris involve both places as mentioned, meaning you get to experience it all. For example, one top tour company starts you off in Kenya’s capital. How does a stay at the Emakoko Lodge sound? You see, when you take a safari adventure like this that lasts for days, you are going to experience all kinds of new places. The lodging at Emakoko Lodge would just be your first stop.

With this particular company, your next stay would also be in Kenya, specifically in the city of Tsavo. You would spend three days at that location on this specific safari adventure. Even though their is an organized itinerary so that you experience as many adventures as possible, you do have choices. For example, while is Tsavo, you would be going on game drives, or you can also go out into the wilderness with an experienced tracker. Does it get any better than that?

Imagine all the wildlife that you’re going to see. When it comes to some of the safari adventures, you get to see black rhinos. Now that would be really cool, seeing as black rhinos are listed as endangered. The wildlife will certainly be amazing, and just think about what else you will get to see while you are out there as well. For example, in that area, you are going to be able to lay eyes on Mount Kilimanjaro. Yes, that’s the mountain you have always heard about and now get to experience in person.

Once you end up making it over to Zimbabwe, you can experience Victoria Falls. The waterfall and national park there are amazing, and you will be able to do so many fun things. Plus, Victoria Falls is one of the places where the black rhinos are located. There are a bunch of individual safari day trips that can be planned out when you are in that area, too. In terms of accommodation Zimbabwe has some of the best Victoria Falls Hotels available with choices from Luxury to self catering.

Mara Plains Camp is another place you can visit, especially if you take the days long safari trip with certain companies. And guess what, when it comes to booking the trip with the company mentioned at the beginning of this article, you eventually get to make your way back to Emakoko Lodge, and not when your trip is over either, before it is over.

Who hasn’t visited a really cool place on vacation, only to long to see it again, if just for a minute? It would be rather nostalgic getting to revisit where your trip started just days earlier, especially after seeing all you have seen at that point. Livingstone, Zambia is your next stop when it comes to the safari trip with that company. Now get this, a day trip to the game preserve in Livingstone can also be booked from Victoria Falls. Why do you need to know that?

Well, that day trip is one of the most popular safari excursions because it is how you get to see those endangered black rhinos. Many people talk about wanting to see lions and leopards. That would be super cool and a priority for me, too, but you can’t beat getting to see an endangered animal like the black rhino.

When you do book safaris that are longer than day trips, know what to expect. You want to make sure that all accommodations are included, and you want to be able to know what the itinerary looks like ahead of time. There are day cruises on small boats, too, remember. There are all types of ways that you can enjoy a safari, and by the way, get ready to see tons of elephants. It is good to be the trip of a lifetime, and your bucket list just might be about empty when you are done traveling Africa.

Where would you like to start your safari adventure? You can be make your way around enjoying some of the best day trip safaris throughout Kenya and Victoria Falls. Or you can book a days long safari trip that will take you to both locations and throughout. It sounds kind of neat to have the whole adventure laid out for you because the guides know the area best after all. People mention that the guides are really nice, and you will have so much fun going on one of the 4 best safari trips from Victoria Falls to Kenya. Don’t forget to feed the elephants.

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